ELLANSE , a novel dermal filler consists of a unique and patented composition – 70% Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) based gel carrier and 30% PolyCaproLactone (PCL) microspheres.


ELLANSÉ is non animal and non bacterial product, it is a clinically proven and anti-allergic product. It is a non-toxic, biocompatible and bioresorbable product. ELLANSÉ ensures optimal safety, resistance and efficiency.

How Does It Work?

when injected into the skin, Ellansé reverses skin aging with a 2-step process:


  1. The CMC gel gives immediate lifting and sculpting results. However, the gel only lasts for about 12


  1. At the same time, the PCL microspheres begin to stimulate your skin to produce collagen. The collagen stimulation peaks at 12 weeks to give the final



  • ELLANSE is a tailor-made bioresorbable collagen stimulator
  • ELLANSÉ creates natural volume by regenerating the body’s own
  • ELLANSÉ cause correction of wrinkles and folds as well as stimulating the generation of the body’s own natural collagen for beautiful, fresh, and longer-lasting results.


ELLANSÉ comes in ready-to-use syringes: 2 x 1 ml syringes of ELLANSÉ with 4 x 27G 3/4″ needles.



The ELLANSE dermal filler Range is available in four versions, ELLANSE S (1-2year),



ELLANSÉ is an injectable bioresorbable implant, indicated for deep dermal and subdermal implantation.

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