Dermofuture Hair Growth Treatment


Contains NEW-5Her™, i.e. a complex of active ingredients which stimulates hair follicle cells, slowing down the hair aging. The formula increases the penetration of active substances into the scalp, thus activating the hair follicle for faster growth. Makes hair stronger and thicker, increasing its volume. Suitable for all hair types with a tendency to fall out.

Volume: 30ml


How to use:
Spray the treatment at the roots of the hair and massage into dry scalp. Perform a gentle massage that will support the product action and improve blood circulation. Leave for a minimum of four hours. For a better effect, use the preparation regularly, at least twice a week, preferably in combination with the entire Dermofuture Hair Growth series: peeling, shampoo, and hair mask.


• strengthens and regenerates hair
• rebuilds hair roots
• prevents hair loss

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