Dermofuture Glass Glow Lip Filler



Intensive Hyaluronic Lip Injection
100% Power of Hyaluronic Acid

INTENSIVE HYALURONIC LIP INJECTION is the alternative to an invasive method of lip augmentation, in five minutes you will be admired for shapely, enlarged and sensual lips!
The revolutionary formula allows to enjoy quickly and non-invasively the spectacularly increased volume and shape of the lips.
The hyaluronic acid present in the product makes the lips firmer, moisturised and it smooths fine wrinkles around it.


Volume: 12ml


  • Minimize appearance of lip lines
  • Moisturize lips
  • Strengthened red color of lips

How to use: Apply preparation on the skin several times a day. For the best effect use in the evening, before going to sleep. Several minutes after the first application lips become fuller and firmer, have better color. Wrinkles around the lips get smaller. After 28 days of application lips become enhanced and fuller and wrinkles around them disappear.

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