ALTA CARE LABORATOIRES is a privately owned independent multinational company founded in France with the European Union as the main market. With over twenty years of experience in professional consultancy in all the stages required for manufacturing and branding, over the years ALTA CARE LABORATOIRES has produced products for other multinational companies. ALTA CARE LABORATOIRES owns 16 brands and today it produces over 150 products that are distributed in pharmacies of 27 countries. Dermastir is the luxury skincare brand owned by Alta Care LABORATOIRES that is also sold in medical spas as well as in pharmacies worldwide. ALTA CARE LABORATOIRES is a member of the French Cosmetics Association COSMED.

Our Products

Dermastir Tsunami Deep Cleanser

Dermastir Milk Cleanser

Dermastir Multienzyme Cleanser

Dermastir Crystal Gommage Peel

Dermastir Twister Retinol

Dermastir Twister CoEnzyme Q10

Dermastir Day Cream SPF30+ Tinted

Dermastir Day Cream SPF30+ White

Dermastir Night Cream

Dermastir Wrinkle Filler

Dermastir Hydraceutic Cream

Dermastir Sun Protection SPF50+ White

Dermastir Sun Protection SPF50+ Tinted

Dermastir Sun Powder SPF50+

Dermastir Pre-Op Heat Mask

Post-Op Bio-Cellular Retexturizing Face Mask

Post-Op Bio-Cellular Face Mask – Whitening

Dermastir Post-Op Invisible Face Mask – Hyaluronic

Dermastir Post-Filler – Collagen

Dermastir Post-Filler – Vitamin C

Dermastir Post-Filler – Scar Repair

Dermastir Pepetide Peel AHA 30% Gel PH3

Dermastir Peptide Peel BHA 20% Gel PH3

Dermastir Meso Sterile Vials –White

Dermastir Meso Sterile Vials – Lipo

Dermastir Meso Sterile Vials – H53EGF

Keto-Z O.T.C. Shampoo

Venalta Cryogel

Manufacturers of quality healthcare products since 1951.


Corporate Office : 71 B, C/2 Liberty Market, Lahore


Phone :+92 42 35760882-2 [email protected]

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